Certified Personal Trainer led full body workouts in a
4 person small group setting.

All classes bring a full body, moderate to high intensity workout for you while you receive individualized feedback from the certified personal trainer leading the small group of up to 4 people.

  • 30 Min AM Classes and 45 Min Night/Weekend Classes
  • Max 4 people allows for individualized attention
  • Certified Personal Trainer’s coaching
  • Full body workouts through: strength training, cardio, and bodyweight movements
  • Varying class styles between circuit, AMRAP, sets & reps, and partner style workouts
  • Work with Kettlebells, Dumbbells, TRX systems, Battle Ropes, and other new equipment


Bootcamp Burn


Are you ready for something different? Many people strength train with weights while others do cardio or aerobics - somewhere in between is Bootcamp Burn; the ultimate metabolic workout. In these workouts, not only can you get a great "calories an hour burn", but you can expect to continue to burn body fat stores and calories for up to 48 hours after your workout is complete.

Some of the tools and techniques may seem new to you, but our Certified Personal Trainers will help you navigate this and keep you safe while making you fit!

Mobility and Movements


You can't build a great home without a solid foundation. Likewise, before we begin to build more advanced layers of fitness, you first need to establish proper movement and a base level of conditioning. With a challenging, full-body program, Mobility and Movements, will ensure that you make progress at a safe pace and begin the path to success.

In this setting you will be guided by a Certified Personal Trainer to make sure you enjoy and experience a great introduction to fitness.

Strength and Conditioning


Want to get stronger, slimmer and more athletic? Strength & Conditioning is the class for you! Under the supervision of a Certified Personal Trainer you will work with heavier loads and more complex movements creating plenty of strong, lean muscle on you. This program combines old-school tools with modern science to provide you with the fastest path to better strength and conditioning.